Education Policies Underlying South Korea's Economic Success

Journal Plus Education, 2014, 10(1), 275-291


Countries’ education level is the most important driving force for economic development. Scientific researchs demonstrate that there is significant relationship between education level and development elements which are economic growth, political and social developments. South Korea was on the border of starvation after the second world war although today it is among the world's most advanced economies. It is known that education policy and stable policies in this field have important role South Korea's phenomenal success in area of development. The purpose of this study, is to examine South Korea's educational policies underlying economic success. In this respect, the findings obtained from the literature are evaluated and fundamental constituents of education in South Korea are described in eight different titles. The eight fundamental constituents are as follows: (1) higher allocation of general budget for education, (2) importance of teacher training, (3) quality approach in higher education, (4) large targets in field of science and technology, (5) importance of English training, (6) using effectine information technologies in education, (7) gifted education, (8) high teacher salaries.

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